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n.1.(Zool.) A Mediterranean food fish (Sparisoma scarus) of excellent quality and highly valued by the Romans; - called also parrot fish.
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Two species of fish, of the genus Scarus, which are common here, exclusively feed on coral: both are coloured of a splendid bluish-green, one living invariably in the lagoon, and the other amongst the outer breakers.
most species of substrate (including Chlorurus, Scarus corals); all exploited rubroviolaceus) species Humphead An exploited species Bolbometopon muricatum parrotfish Humphead An exploited species Cheilinus undulates wrasse Benthic Fish species that feed Exploited: groupers piscivores primarily on other fishes (Epinephelus spp.
The gene has been effective when used as a parameter for the study of the genetic relationships in other fish groups, such as the genus Scarus (SMITH et al.
The remains of fish mostly fish heads belongs to Scarus gibbus, Scarus sp.
The species were the Redfin Parrotfish Sparisoma rubripinne (46 spawning events observed), Queen Parrotfish Scarus vetula (11), and Stoplight Parrotfish, Sparisoma vi ride (3).
For the college category, winners include: Calvin Alfred Caduhada, Bea Alfeche, Cristine Pontiniela, Cassandra Giselle Gaas, Ellah Jane Abay-abay, Acetylene Bolotaolo and Charisse Chua of the Cebu Institute of Technology University for their research "Extraction and purification of bromelain from pineapple peelings using PEG-Phosphate Aqueous two-phase system" (first place); Dinah Belle Abong, Esther Ann Nacita, Marc Daniel Nisperos, Kim Sarong, Daniel Sarte, Quennie Fritzie Toralde and Pretty Villar from Silliman University for "Antibacterial activity of epidermal mucus from scarus species" (second place); and Joseph Joel Guardiario, Chong Min Park, Junver Libor and Joshua Nepomuceno from the University of San Carlos for "Power hand-drill kart" (third place).
Length-weight relationship of Parrot fish Scarus ghobban, Forsskal 1775 from Nagapattinam, South East Coast of India.
Por ultimo, la sexta lista es la de los nomina natantium, que suman un total de 148 denominaciones zoonimicas, de las que una se encuentra repetida, scarus.
Isolation and characterization of 17 new microsatellite markers for the ember parrotfish Scarus rubroviolaceus, and cross-amplification in four other parrotfish species.
2, where he has them called forth and asks for their hand, and towards Scarus in IV.
Scarus coeruleus (loro azul / blue parrotfish): es de color azul pastel fuerte en estado adulto y azul claro con manchas salmon en la cabeza en estado juvenil.
Cleopatra Frances Barber Mark Anthony Nicholas Jones Octavius Caesar Jack Laskey Lepidus John Bett Sextus Pompey, Dolabella Oliver Boot Octavia Pascale Burgess Enobarbus Fred Ridgeway Eros William Mannering Scarus, Menas Peter Hamilton Dyer Philo, Canidius David Hinton Demetrius, Decretas Tom Stuart Maecenas Tas Emiabata Agrippa Patrick Brenna Thidias, Menecrates Nick Danan Charmian Frances Thorburn Iras Rhiannon Oliver Alexas Simon Muller Mardian Paul Lloyd