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n.1.A kind of bit for the bridle of a horse; - called also scatchmouth.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The omnium final consisted of 5 races; the 1km time trial, elimination, scatch, keirin and culminated with the points race.
He attended elementary school at Abe Scatch Memorial School in his Anishinaabe community, 120 kilometres north of Red Lake.
Anwar Chuadhry who wrote a book named "Sindh Tareekhee Khaka" (Historical Scatch about Sindh), he wrote "Soomro family chosen (Thatta) city as the capital of Sindh.
Two new products include Custom Lotto Replica Scratch Off Cards, delivering your custom message by way of an authentic looking lotto scatch off, and DIY LunchNotes, delivering custom scratch off "Happy Lunch" messages to help make a bagged lunch more fun.
The ladies race for Bowler of the Week had Matet Cavite of Lucky Strike winning at 671 on scatch games of 192, 244 and 181.
The revellers at the River Thames will get packs featuring scatch 'n' sniff, LED wristbands and seven kinds of fruit-flavoured sweets.
However, no amount of gild can tot up to much in a hotel, if the service isn't up to scatch. And here at the Burj Al Arab, where every floor has its own butler, and your every wish is catered to, almost before it's had a chance to form itself into one in your head, I found the service to be truly flawless - whether it's to draw up a bath, bring you complimentary evening canapes, or simply to greet you with a smile each time.
Apart from that however there wasn't a scatch on the bike, testament the top-quality of the fairings and components.
Stryker knew the first step was building the campus' capacity for full degree programs by hiring outstanding faculty, gaining legislative support for enrollment funding and creating a new Campus Board--from scatch. "Getting someone of Jan Smith's stature to chair our board was one of our biggest and best moves," Stryker notes.
Each opened his bundle praising his own goods and disparaging his neighbours thrusting a piece of silk towards us recommending it as Scatch plat (Scotch Plaid) or Bailatee (English).
Scatch -- both blended and single malt -- appears to be regaining favor among several segments of American consumers for a variety of reasons, and largely as a result of a concerted effort by a savvy and tireless industry.
There were tankers coming at us and you know if they run over you, you're going to be a minor scatch on one side of their hull and they wouldn't even waste the petrol to avoid you!