He, too, . . . is to be dismissed scathless.
- Sir W. Scott.
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It shall never be said, whilst I am bailiff of Southampton, that any waster, riever, draw-latch or murtherer came scathless away from me and my posse.
In a moment they vanished; but it is clear that another vessel of some sort had tried for shel- ter in the bay on that awful, blind night, had rammed the German ship amidships (a breach-- as one of the divers told me afterwards--'that you could sail a Thames barge through'), and then had gone out either scathless or damaged, who shall say; but had gone out, unknown, unseen, and fatal, to perish mysteriously at sea.
It may be that the New Zealanders have suffered, but it is not impossible that they have escaped almost scathless.
that would have proved her best protection against the diabolical malignity by which she was one day to be assailed, and borne her scathless through the treachery which wrought her fate," were not taught her.