Scavenger's daughter

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an instrument of torture invented by Sir W. Skevington, which so compressed the body as to force the blood to flow from the nostrils, and sometimes from the hands and feet.
- Am. Cyc.

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But Manhole -- a film on the life and struggles of a manual scavenger's daughter -- shot to fame when its Kerala- based director, Vidhu Vincent, bagged the State Film Awards for best film and best director, simultaneously, in 2016.
Hidden deep in the Tower of London is a medieval torture device called the Scavenger's Daughter in which the unlucky once had their bodies crushed.
Thompson (author); THE SCAVENGER'S DAUGHTER; William G.
The Scavenger's Daughter is a torture device invented during the reign of Henry VIII of England.
From the Iron Maiden, the Guillotine, and the Scavenger's Daughter to the Ear Chopper, the Thumbscrew, and the Ducking Stool, "Infernal Device" reveals the fundamental brutality of torture devices and is strongly recommended to the attention of those who are engaged on either side of the current national debate over the complex issues involved with waterboarding and other means of 'harsh interrogation'.
The Scavenger's Daughter, designed to force the blood through the skin to make its own confession.
The prequel to the beloved Tales of the Scavenger's Daughters series by Kay Bratt, "The Palest Ink" depicts Benfu's coming-of-age during the tumultuous years of the Cultural Revolution.