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or suc·cah  (so͞o-kä′, so͝ok′ə)
n. Judaism
A temporary hutlike structure partly roofed with branches, used as a ritual dwelling space by Jews in celebrating Sukkot.

[Hebrew sukkâ; see Sukkot.]


(suˈkɑ; ˈsukɔ; ˈsukə) or


(Judaism) a temporary structure with a roof of branches in which orthodox Jews eat and, if possible, sleep during the festival of Sukkoth. Also called: tabernacle
[from Hebrew, literally: tabernacle]


(suˈkɑ, ˈsʊk ə)

n., pl. suk•koth, suk•kot (suˈkɔt) Eng. suk•kahs.
Hebrew. a booth or hut roofed with branches, used during Sukkoth as a temporary dining or living area.
[sukkāh literally, booth]
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