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 (skär′bāk′, sKHär′-)
A city of central Belgium, an industrial suburb of Brussels.


(Flemish ˈsxaːrbeːk)
(Placename) a city in central Belgium: an industrial suburb of Brussels. Pop: 110 253 (2004 est)


(Flemish. ˈsxɑr beɪk)

a city in central Belgium, near Brussels. 118,950.
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Contract notice: c9a / 0000650393 - cleaning of sncb train world train museum in schaerbeek
Discrimination in housing and employment has produced clear lower-class 'ghetto' areas of greater Brussels, such as Molenbeek, Schaerbeek and St.
BRUSSELS -- In connection with the70thindependence anniversary of Pakistan, Embassy of Pakistan organized a friendly football match between Pakistan Greens and Pakistan Whites at the Schaerbeek football stadium Brussels.
Car dans [beaucoup moins que]cette odyssee tragi-comique qui les menera de Schaerbeek a Homs, en passant par Istanbul, ils decouvriront les raisons qui les ont pousse a partir[beaucoup plus grand que].
Brussels-Capital Region Government is the official owner of a large area of twenty four hectares in the Josaphat terrain in Schaerbeek, Brussels.
but it was not immediately clear how extensive it was although outages also were reported in suburban areas, including Etterbeek, Schaerbeek (also known as Schaarbeek), Saint-Josse, and Woluwe-Saint-Lambert.
Le parquet federal de Bruxelles a annonce l'arrestation de onze personnes apres neuf perquisitions menees a Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, Koekelberg, Laeken, Jette, Bruxelles, Liedekerke et Schaerbeek a la demande d'un juge d'instruction specialise en matiere de terrorisme, rapporte L'avenir.
The suspected assailant stabbed one officer in the neck and the other in the abdomen in the city's Schaerbeek area before fleeing, according to reports.
The 31-year-old man was detained in the Schaerbeek neighbourhood of the Belgian capital, Brussels, late on Thursday.
When two 16-year-old boys from Fernand Blum High School in Schaerbeek left for jihad in Syria, Jean-Louis Denis was arrested and questioned for recruiting them.
A man identified as one of the suicide bombers, Najim Laachraoui, 25, graduated in 2009 from Institut de la Sainte-Famille d'Helmet, a Catholic secondary school in the ethnically mixed east Brussels borough of Schaerbeek, Reuters news agency reported.
His last appearance on security cameras was in the district of Schaerbeek almost an hour after the bombing.