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(German ʃaːfˈhauzən)
1. (Placename) a small canton of N Switzerland. Pop: 73 900 (2002 est). Area: 298 sq km (115 sq miles)
2. (Placename) a town in N Switzerland, capital of Schaffhausen canton, on the Rhine. Pop: 33 628 (2000)
French name: Schaffhouse


(ˌʃɑfˈhaʊ zən)

1. a canton in N Switzerland. 70,700; 100 sq. mi. (259 sq. km).
2. the capital of this canton. 34,000.
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In July, Linamar Corporation, Guelph, Ontario, Canada, reached an agreement with GF Automotive, a division of Georg Fischer AG, Schaffhausen, Switzerland, to provide integrated light metal castings and machining solutions to global customers in the automotive, industrial and commercial industries.
Manufacture of the Masters Builders Solutions products has been relocated from Schaffhausen, Switzerland.
TE Connectivity is a global technology company leader headquartered in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, providing connectivity and sensor solutions to customers in over 150 countries across a wide range of industries.
7,166,094; Frank Glaug, Chester Springs, Robert Cole, Jackson and Ryan Hood, assignors to Tyco Healthcare Retail Services AG, Schaffhausen, Switzerland.
To serve Northern and Central Europe, the Benelux countries, Africa and the Middle East, John Deere has established a special sales branch known as John Deere International, Schaffhausen, Switzerland.
Orqis(TM) Medical, with European headquarters in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, is developing innovative devices for the treatment of Class III and IV Congestive Heart Failure (CHF).
and Georg Fischer, Schaffhausen, Switzerland, have announced a material licensing arrangement and mutual manufacturing agreement.
WernerCo's international headquarters are in Schaffhausen, Switzerland and its US headquarters are in Greenville, Pennsylvania.
Georg Fischer (GF), Schaffhausen, Switzerland, announced that its GF Automotive division will sell its light metals casting facility in Gleisdorf, Austria, to industrial holding company Bavaria Industriekapital, Munich, Germany, for an undisclosed amount.
Georg Fischer, Schaffhausen, Switzerland, recently accepted a prototype from Cymat, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, for a part commissioned on Sept.
Georg Fischer (GF) Automotive, Schaffhausen, Switzerland, plans to build a new $21.
SCHAFFHAUSEN, Switzerland, November 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Supermarket bags and plastic sheeting, cable sleeves or vehicle components - all materials which can be converted into diesel or heating oil.