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A lustrous colored reflection from certain planes in a mineral grain.

[German, iridescence, from Middle High German schilher, iridescent taffeta, from schilhen, to twinkle, squint, from Old High German scilihen, to squint, wink.]


(Minerals) an unusual iridescent or metallic lustre in some minerals caused by internal reflection from certain inclusions such as gas cavities or mineral intergrowths. Formula: NaFe3B3Al3(Al3Si6O27)(OH)4
[C19: from German Schiller iridescence, from Old High German scilihen to blink]


(German ˈʃɪlər)
(Biography) Johann Christoph Friedrich von (joˈhan ˈkrɪstɔf ˈfriːdrɪç fɔn). 1759–1805, German poet, dramatist, historian, and critic. His concern with the ideal freedom of the human spirit to rise above the constraints placed upon it is reflected in his great trilogy Wallenstein (1800) and in Maria Stuart (1800)


(ˈʃɪl ər)

a bronzelike luster, sometimes with iridescence, occurring on certain minerals.
[1795–1805; < German: play of colors, glitter]


(ˈʃɪl ər)

Johann Christoph Friedrich von, 1759–1805, German poet, playwright, and historian.
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Noun1.schiller - German romantic writer (1759-1805)Schiller - German romantic writer (1759-1805)  
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I did not give up trying to read, as usual, and part of my endeavor that winter was with Schiller, and Uhland, and even Goethe, whose 'Wahlverwandschaften,' hardly yielded up its mystery to me.
Hear and obey: --You will immediately remove every trace of your offensive work from the Schiller monument; you pay a fine of ten thousand francs; you will suffer two years' imprisonment at hard labor; you will then be horsewhipped, tarred and feathered, deprived of your ears, ridden on a rail to the confines of the canton, and banished forever.
French and German works predominated, the old French dramatists, sundry modern authors, Thiers, Villemain, Paul de Kock, George Sand, Eugene Sue; in German--Goethe, Schiller, Zschokke, Jean Paul Richter; in English there were works on Political Economy.
One evening, while, with her usual child-like activity, and thoughtless yet not offensive inquisitiveness, she was rummaging the cupboard and the table-drawer of my little kitchen, she discovered first two French books, a volume of Schiller, a German grammar and dictionary, and then my drawing-materials and some sketches, including a pencil-head of a pretty little cherub-like girl, one of my scholars, and sundry views from nature, taken in the Vale of Morton and on the surrounding moors.
Schiller, was one of the three founders of pragmatism.
The authority of the name of Schiller is too great for his books.
The fans--and the police--appeared to be minding themselves as German electronic musician Schiller brought his pulsating beats to awestruck audiences for five nights last week in Tehran.
In an interview to British gadget magazine T3, Schiller opened up about giving the home button on the iPhone X the boot, "the simplicity" of AirPods and the Apple Pencil, Apple's foray into AR, the upcoming iMac Pro and more.
Hans Schiller has been appointed as the cluster general manager at Hilton Abu Dhabi and Hilton Al Ain.
Schiller was a bodyguard to the president for almost two decades&nbsp;before he was promoted to White House aide after Trump assumed office in January.
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