Schilling test

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Schil·ling test

n. prueba de Schilling, uso de vitamina B12 radioactiva en el diagnóstico de anemia perniciosa primaria.
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Your suggestion is that she be maintained on the 2-L nasal cannula and that a vitamin B12 assay and anti-intrinsic factor (IF) assay, along with a Schilling test, be ordered to shed some light on the patient's condition.
Traditionally, a Schilling test is considered confirmatory of vitamin B12 deficiency, which demonstrates poor ability of the intestine to absorb vitamin B12.
All available tests, including the classic Schilling test, rely on measurement of radioactively labeled vitamin B1z after an oral dose of the vitamin (1).
Coull disagreed with need for parenteral therapy; Thirty-four of his 35 [B.sub.12]-deficient patients had a normal Schilling test indicative of good [B.sub.12] absorption across the terminal ileum.
If the blood test shows a low vitamin B12 count you may be given the Schilling test to measure the body's ability to absorb vitamin B12 from the bowel.