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Olive green chlorite schists (FIGURE 2a) crop out to the northwest of Genova, displaying a plane parallel schistosity defined primarily by chlorite.
1), the dykes contain penetrative schistosity of aligned biotite and actinolite that is parallel to the trend of the dykes and cross-cuts an earlier phyllitic cleavage in the Silurian volcanic and sedimentary host rocks of the Waweig Formation; locally the dykes are highly boudinaged.
The stratified structure of a rock mass is typically acquired during sedimentary deposition, and planar structures such as foliation or schistosity can also be produced by metamorphism.
The schistosity and boudenaged structure of quartz vein along these zones are the examples of such deformation.
D1 compressional structures are constituted by large, subvertical folds oriented N100/110E and associated with a schistosity (S1) parallel or transverse to the axial plane (Quesada et al.
Crystalline rocks are resistant to weathering and alteration; mica-schists easily discompose on the schistosity plans, but they resist to alteration; sedimentary rocks are attacked by dripping, gully formation, torrentiality and landslides.
These flakes commonly form composite shredded lenses elongate along the schistosity.
Rocks display cleavage, schistosity and small-scale folds, most of which have northwesterly trending axes (Lynch 1990).
These types of rocks do not have the same schistosity as the schists, that is, they are not liable to fracture along cleavage planes.
An analysis of the beds spatial location made by instrumental methods within the SG-3 Proterozoic and Archaean sections shows that the inclination of the structural elements (layering, schistosity, banding) about the borehole axis ranges from 40[degrees] to 60[degrees], Figure 1.
The tanzanite deposits occur in the crest of the large Lelatema fold or antiform, which is bounded by major faults parallel to the schistosity.