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Noun1.Schistosoma - type genus of the family Schistosomatidae: blood flukesSchistosoma - type genus of the family Schistosomatidae: blood flukes
worm genus - a genus of worms
family Schistosomatidae, Schistosomatidae - a family of Trematoda
blood fluke, schistosome - flatworms parasitic in the blood vessels of mammals


n. Schistosoma, esquistosoma, duela, especie de trematodo cuyas larvas entran en la sangre del huésped por contacto con agua contaminada a través del tubo digestivo o la piel.
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IgG to other parasites including Paragonimus westermani , Paragonimiasis sichuanensis , Schistosoma japonicum , and Spirometra mansoni were all negative.
There are many reports of the immunological characteristics of the vole's innate resistance to Schistosoma japonicum infection (Zhu et al.
ISSR, an effectivemolecular approach for studying genetic variability among Schistosoma japonicum isolates from different epidemic provinces in Mainland China.
CD4+CD25+ Treg induction by an HSP60-derived peptide SJMHE1 from Schistosoma japonicum is TLR2 dependent.
Tandemly repeated genomic sequence demonstrates inter- and intrastrain genetic variation in Schistosoma japonicum.
An insight into the genetic variation of Schistosoma japonicum in mainland China using DNA microsatellite markers.
Revisiting the question of limited genetic variation within Schistosoma japonicum.
There are four species that cause intestinal schistosomiasis: Schistosoma mansoni; Schistosoma japonicum, Schistosoma mekongi, and Schistosoma intercalatum.
Different courses of granulomatous reactions around Schistosoma japonicum eggs in three strains of mice.
Schistosoma mansoni and Schistosoma japonicum are the first sequenced genomes of any organism in the large group called Lophotrochozoa, which includes other free-living and parasitic flatworms as well as segmented roundworms, such as the earthworm.