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Noun1.Schistosoma - type genus of the family Schistosomatidae: blood flukesSchistosoma - type genus of the family Schistosomatidae: blood flukes
worm genus - a genus of worms
family Schistosomatidae, Schistosomatidae - a family of Trematoda
blood fluke, schistosome - flatworms parasitic in the blood vessels of mammals
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n. Schistosoma, esquistosoma, duela, especie de trematodo cuyas larvas entran en la sangre del huésped por contacto con agua contaminada a través del tubo digestivo o la piel.
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B) Location of the 3 sampled primary schools (Palm Beach, 14.391346[degrees]S, 35.215137[degrees]E; Samama 14.417465[degrees]S, 35.217580[degrees]E; Mchoka 14.439481[degrees]S, 35.220644[degrees]E) showing local prevalence (% [95% CI]) of intestinal schistosomiasis indicated by Schistosoma mansoni circulating cathodic antigen (CCA) detected by urine dipstick.
(2009) reported significant molluscicidal and cercaricidal activities against adult Biomphalaria glabrata snails and Schistosoma mansoni cercariae for alcoholic extracts of leaves and barks of C.
A Puerto Rican isolate of Schistosoma mansoni was maintained by passage through Biomphalaria glabrata snails and 3-5-week-old female Golden Syrian hamsters as intermediate and definitive hosts, respectively [2, 17].
The first, called pilot test, was placed ten adult snails, negative for Schistosoma mansoni in each beaker containing 500 mL of a solution obtained from the dilution of the oil with distilled water and 0.15 mL of Tween 80 (surfactant) in the concentration of 100 mg x [L.sup.-1], obtaining at the end a proportion of 50 mL of solution for each snail and feeding them with hydroponic lettuce ad libittum (Malek 1985).
(1) The Brazilian Ministry of Health estimates that up to 6 million people are infected with Schistosoma mansoni in Brazil, of whom 5-10% will develop the hepatosplenic form.