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Noun1.Schistosomatidae - a family of Trematoda
worm family - a family of worms
class Trematoda, Trematoda - parasitic flatworms (including flukes)
genus Schistosoma, Schistosoma - type genus of the family Schistosomatidae: blood flukes
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Eine neue Dermatitiserregende Cercarie der Trematoden Familie Schistosomatidae aus Tropicorbis peregrinus (d'Orbigny) des Rio Quequen.
Such lesions have been associated in India with Schistosoma nasale, a species of digenetic trematode in the family Schistosomatidae.
As already reported elsewhere, the present phylogenetic analysis supported monophyly of Schistosomatidae and paraphyly of Spirorchiidae.
Flukes of the family Schistosomatidae are peculiar in that they mature in the blood vascular system of their definitive hosts and are dioecious.
A synopsis of the trematode family Schistosomatidae with descriptions of new genera and species.
Familias Strigeidae, Diplostomidae, Clinostomidae, Schistosomatidae, Spirorchiidae y Bucephalidae.