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 (shlā′gəl), August Wilhelm von 1767-1845.
German scholar who wrote influential criticism, translated several Shakespearean works, and composed poetry. He also edited a literary magazine with his brother Friedrich (1772-1829), a philosopher, poet, and critic whose essays formed the intellectual basis of German romanticism.


(German ˈʃleːɡəl)
1. (Biography) August Wilhelm von (ˈauɡʊst ˈvɪlhɛlm fɔn). 1767–1845, German romantic critic and scholar, noted particularly for his translations of Shakespeare
2. (Biography) his brother, Friedrich von (ˈfriːdrɪç fɔn). 1772–1829, German philosopher and critic; a founder of the romantic movement in Germany


(ˈʃleɪ gəl)

1. August Wilhelm von, 1767–1845, German poet, critic, and translator.
2. his brother, Friedrich von, 1772–1829, German critic, philosopher, and poet.
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Of course, I pinned my faith to everything that Schlegel said.
She was conscious that he raised his cap and said quite coolly, "Oh, rather; Miss Schlegel is stopping with us.
Whereas Miss Schlegel has lost no time in publishing the news.
She said, "Miss Schlegel, would you take your aunt up to your room or to my room, whichever you think best.
Helen is a very exceptional person--I am sure you will let me say this, feeling towards her as you do--indeed, all the Schlegels are exceptional.
But they played it with unusual vigour, stating in so many words that Schlegels were better than Wilcoxes, Wilcoxes better than Schlegels.
A professor at Lehigh University in the USA, a renowned author and founder of the global Supply Chain Risk Management Consortium, Schlegel will be sharing his insights with southern African supply chain professionals at the first ever Supply Chain Risk Management Summit, which takes place in Johannesburg, in February 2018.
In ravishing four-part series Howards End, Hayley plays posh intellectual singleton Margaret Schlegel - a role originally made famous by her friend Emma Thompson in the smash-hit 1992 film of the same name.
Each product that NetApp launches or upgrades requires a coordinated set of information to support it," says Anna Schlegel, senior director of globalization and information engineering at NetApp.
Forster apresenta as irmas Schlegel e o engajamento delas em movimentos sociais, politicos e culturais em prol dessa conquista.
Capable therefore of abstract thinking, Schubert returned frequently to the poems of two of the movement's central proponents: Friedrich Schlegel and Novalis, the latter being the pen name of Friedrich von Hardenberg.
Jackie Schlegel, director of Texans for Vaccine Choice, called Villalba's tweets "sexist and derogatory.