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With lovable hell-bound schlubs Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani and Jason back on Earth (for now), where is Schur taking this?
This wasn't simply a function of his personal magnetism, though he certainly outshone such apparently amiable schlubs as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, and the cipher that is Jeff Bezos.
In a shrinking Hollywood, "Downsizing" is a clever inversion of scale: a high-concept, large-canvas science-fiction from a filmmaker who specializes in the lives of profoundly ordinary schlubs.
21 will be limited to a relatively narrow band across the United States, leaving all the other schlubs to view just a partial eclipse, there might be something else getting in the way of our enjoyment: clouds.
More inspiring to me, and probably to schlubs everywhere, is the embrace of our natural limits.
Of course, to schlubs like us who labor in obscurity, winning a Nobel Prize would be unprecedented, life-changing, transcendental.
You can scamper around the waterline, or take the short but steep ascent to the summit, where you'll be encircled by jagged peaks and unrecognizable to the poor schlubs on the banister far above you.
Making those who actually use the stadium pay for its renovation seemed to me to be more sensible than taxing the schlubs who never set foot inside Lambeau Field, yet the PSL fee created more consternation among fans and the media than the sales tax.
What is it with these schlubs? Rico Hernandez, Yoan Hernandez-Casanova, Juan Munoz and two Florida men--Miguel Farradas and Yandry Almeida--were caught cleaning whistling ducks and rabbits in a backyard after agents received a hot tip.
Mission: Impossible 3 AFTER essaying countless dweebs, schlubs and losers, Hoffman proved the best thing in this Tom Cruise actioner, playing out of type as a dangerous and sadistic arms dealer.