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Any of various German automatic weapons designed for use by individual troops during World War II, especially either of two types of submachine gun.

[After Hugo Schmeisser, 20th-century German arms engineer (to whom this type of weapon was mistakenly attributed by Allied military men).]
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Like many of the pre-WWII armies, the Romanians did not pay much attention to submachine guns but in the 1920s and 1930s they obtained numbers of German Maschinenpistole 18/1 (Pistolul mitraliera Schmeisser Model 18 I) and Maschinenpistole 28/II Pistolul mitraliera Schmeisser Model 28 II), mainly for use by police units.
Suddenly, a German inside it opened up with a Schmeisser, and Rifleman Art Reid was shot dead.
MP40 Misnamed by its adversaries as "Schmeisser," Germany's primary submachinegun was correctly termed the Maschinenpistole 38, or MP38.
A young German weapons designer named Hugo Schmeisser then developed a full-auto machine pistol--the MP18/1.
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