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A dog of any of three breeds of various sizes, the miniature schnauzer, standard schnauzer, and giant schnauzer, having a blunt muzzle with a bristly beard and a wiry salt-and-pepper or black coat.

[German, from Schnauze, snout, alteration of Middle Low German snūte.]
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(Breeds) a wire-haired breed of dog of the terrier type, originally from Germany, having a greyish coat and distinctive beard, moustache, and eyebrows
[C19: from German Schnauze snout]
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(ˈʃnaʊ zər, ˈʃnaʊt sər)

any of three German breeds of dogs having a tight, wiry, usu. pepper-and-salt or black coat and a rectangular head with bristly eyebrows and beardlike whiskers: the breeds (miniature, standard, and giant) differ chiefly in size.
[1920–25; < German, =Schnauze snout + -er -er1]
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Noun1.schnauzer - old German breed of sturdy black or greyish wire-haired terriers having a blunt muzzle ranging in size from fairly small to very largeschnauzer - old German breed of sturdy black or greyish wire-haired terriers having a blunt muzzle ranging in size from fairly small to very large; used as ratters and guard dogs or police dogs
terrier - any of several usually small short-bodied breeds originally trained to hunt animals living underground
miniature schnauzer - a small schnauzer
giant schnauzer - a large schnauzer
standard schnauzer - a medium-sized schnauzer
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[ˈʃnaʊtsəʳ] n (dog) → schnauzer m inv
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sChnauser and KiTTen Pyramid: The Musician, Clyde St, Leicester.
He can't get enough of the Highland lifestyle, whether it is enjoying a couple of glasses of red wine by the fire or putting the world to rights when taking his Schnauser, Fritz, out for a Sunday morning stroll.
KATHY Bracken says her Schnauser, Mr Murphy, is a star with entertaining sick children at Cardiff's University Hospital of Wales.