Schneiderian membrane

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(Anat.) See Schneiderian.
the mucous membrane which lines the nasal chambers; the pituitary membrane.

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Also in this case, osteotomy was done with SCA technique and collagen sponges were positioned to displace the Schneiderian membrane (Figure 5).
The augmented area was surrounded by newly formed bone (NB) starting from the margins of the bony window, the lateral sinus walls, and the Schneiderian membrane. Bone substitute particles were observed within the entire augmented sinus and were partially surrounded by NB.
(2-5) No doubt that there is considerable osteogenic potential in schneiderian membrane and sinus periosteum, this when combined with PRF with presence of abundant growth factors can enhance adequate bone formation in the gap created by sinus lift procedure.
When the Schneiderian membrane is elevated, it will be possible to insert the grafting material and eventually place the implant.
The blood supply of the maxillary sinus and Schneiderian membrane comes from the maxillary artery.
In summary, this study demonstrates that basal cells are present in the Schneiderian membrane and in REAH that stain with p63 and 34[beta]E12 but not with markers for myoepithelial differentiation.
The papilloma is derived from the schneiderian membrane, which is the ectodermally derived mucosa that lines the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses.
Tarnow, "Schneiderian membrane perforation rate during sinus elevation using piezosurgery: clinical results of 100 consecutive cases," International Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry, vol.
The second set has a blunt profile with sharp edges designed to obtain less sharp lines, to achieve a less aggressive cut as well as to prevent damage to delicate anatomical structures such as Schneiderian membrane or inferior alveolar nerve.