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 (shnĭts′lər), Arthur 1862-1931.
Austrian writer known for his psychologically penetrating and sometimes erotic novels and plays, particularly La Ronde (1896).


(German ˈʃnɪtslər)
(Biography) Arthur (ˈartʊr). 1862–1931, Austrian dramatist and novelist. His best-known works are Anatol (1893) a series of one-act plays, and Reigen (1900), both of which reveal his psychological insight and preoccupation with sexuality


(ˈʃnɪts lər)

Arthur, 1862–1931, Austrian author.
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First published in 1912, the play was banned from Austrian stages until 21 December 1918 because of its "tendenziose und entstellende Schilderung hierlandischer Verhaltnisse" (Wagner, Vacha 107), (1) indicating that Schnitzler had struck a nerve with his portrayal of the contemporary political environment.
At the same time, it is necessary for all relevant industry stakeholders to educate, develop, enable and empower clients, employees, suppliers and leaders to create tangible added value through the marriage of telematics and the internet of things, Schnitzler emphasised.
Arthur Schnitzler en El retorno de Casanova y Sandor Marai en La amante de Bolzano pintaron con los colores mas crudos la vejez de Casanova.
Adam Schnitzler, founding partner and chief creative officer of The S3 Agency, adds, "While we love working with our national and international clients, S FREE is a different way for our talented team to give back - and to get even more inspired in the process.
Background: Schnitzler leads the Arkansas Economic Development Commission office in Berlin.
Earlier in her career, she was an attorney at two law firms: McDermott, Will & Emery and Jackson Lewis Schnitzler and Krupman.
Martin Alan Schnitzler, 43, admitted to obstructing worshipers from practicing their religion when he left voicemail messages threatening the safety of the mosques' congregants.
AUSTRIAN dramatist Arthur Schnitzler wrote La Ronde at the turn of the last century to amuse and scandalise his friends.
For example, as the Nobel Prize-winning scientist Eric Kandel pointed out in his book The Age of Insight, the ideas presented by Sigmund Freud influenced the work of artists and writers including Arthur Schnitzler, Gustav Klimt, and Oskar Kokoschka as they began to explore ideas of the emotions and the unconscious in their work.
To show decline Schnitzler could have just as well written a comedy, but in both cases, these disruptions involve sexuality.
1130 43rd Street in Borough Park, Brooklyn, is an income producing property being sold sby EPIC sales associate Michael Schnitzler The three story building houses six apartments in total, four two-bedroom and two three-bedroom units.
Yet in the cultural milieu of fin-de-siecle Vienna, the same environment that produced Arthur Schnitzler and Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Robert Musil and Joseph Roth, Zweig was neither genius nor alchemist.