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An ancient Persian unit of distance, usually estimated at 3.5 miles (5.6 kilometers).

[Latin parasanga, from Greek parasangēs, of Iranian origin.]


(Units) a Persian unit of distance equal to about 5.5 km or 3.4 miles
[C16: via Latin and Greek from a Persian word related to modern Persian farsang]
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He won the 2014 Schoeni Prize of the Sovereign Asian Art Competition in Hong Kong, and the 2014 Jurors Choice Award and Philippines Arts Award.
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Schoeni found that out-of-pocket medical expenditures of married older households in the final 2 years of life were equal to 30 percent of their annual income; for people in the lowest income quartile, that share was equal to approximately 70 percent.
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One epidemiological study of 2,591 youth reported that among youth of normal weight parents grandparental obesity was positively associated with children's overweight status compared with children of normal weight grandparents (Davis, McGonagle, Schoeni, & Stafford, 2008).
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Schoeni, Sheldon Danziger, and Kerwin Kofi Charles.
2004; Schoeni, 1998) han mostrado que, las mujeres con mayor escolaridad, mejor dominio del ingles y mayor antiguedad en Estados Unidos tienden a participar mas en el trabajo remunerado.
Dentre eles destacam-se os trabalhos que buscaram obter as taxas de retorno do investimento em educacao, a saber: Lam e Schoeni (1993), que estimaram o efeito da escolaridade dos pais sobre o rendimento e escolaridade dos filhos, assim como o retorno da educacao incluindo a estimacao anterior, Leal e Werlang (1991), que calcularam os retornos da educacao para diferentes niveis de ensino e concluiram que um ano a mais de estudo pode oferecer um retorno de mais de 18%, ou seja, o incremento no rendimento de um individuo que estude um ano adicional e dado pelo porcentual anterior; e, por fim, tem-se o trabalho de Sachsida, Mendonca e Loureiro (2004), que tambem estimaram os retornos da educacao no Brasil em periodo mais recente.