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Table 1 Comparison among the three groups, regarding medians and frequencies of controlled variables Groups Variables Frontal Extra-Frontal Net Median (tertiles) Median (tertiles) Scholarity 11 (5.
The initial assessment involved the application of a sociodemographic questionnaire (sex, age, scholarity, personal income, dwelling, dependence, family coexistence, conjugality); and the functional evaluation related to visual function, falls and fractures, dentition.
SCHOLARITY OF YOUNG PEOPLE IN Novo Hamburgo, Brazil Incomplete Primary School 6,7% Complete Primary School 4,0% Incomplete High School 14,7% Complete High School 18,6% Incomplete College 49,3% Complete College 6,7% Figure 4.
89 (month) Age range 78-83 84-95 96-107 108-119 (month) Scholarity 1 (a)-1 (a) 1 (a)-2 (a) 2 (a)-3 (a) 3 (a)-4 (a) (min-max grade) Age Group 10 11 12 13 Girls 26 (34.
In this study, death concept was assessed in healthy or HIV/AIDS infected children, using a sample of thirty children in the first condition, students of different public schools of Mexico City, as control group, and thirty infected children of variable scholarity interned in governamental health institutions conformed the experimental group.
Methods 159 children from 14 villages, with a homogeneous distribution according to their degree of scholarity, were studied.