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a.1.Of or pertaining to a scholiast, or his pursuits.
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It must, after all, be read against the standard Hellenistic views on this passage transmitted by the scholiastic commentary; in the scholia these lines are accepted without remark, describing Odysseus's call on his friends to offer sacrifices to Hades and Persephone.
3710, one of lesser studied grammars by Apollonius Dyscolus, and the making of Greek scholiastic corpora.
Grown larger since then, this mass of material is a sub-branch of detective fiction, with every minute detail the subject of speculation, leading to thesis and antithesis and synthesis, the contradictions and refutations argued densely back and forth in a tone of scholiastic knowingness, so that the general reader twists and turns as in a maze without exit.
vipsa (vi + ap- 'pervade'), literally "the wish of an agent to pervade some object with a particular attribute or quality," is illustrated in the scholiastic tradition by sentences such as gramo gramo ramaniyah "village after village/every village is pleasant" and purusah puruso nidhanam upaiti "every person goes unto death" (Bohtlingk 1887: 429).
41) Perhaps, then, we should look for the beginnings of scholiastic commentary in the context of legal instruction.