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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: phobia - a child's sudden fear of attending school
social phobia - any phobia (other than agoraphobia) associated with situations in which you are subject to criticism by others (as fear of eating in public or public speaking etc)
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Contract award notice: Management of the municipal cooking center for the preparation of food days for the rsa of montichiari multiservizi srl and of the school refusal service in the municipality of montichiari (bs).
Problematic school absenteeism may result from school refusal behavior, or child-motivated refusal to attend school (Kearney, 1996).
harmful stress, signs of negative stress and anxiety, and helping children minimize the impact of stress; solutions for stress in the school, community, and family, including those for school refusal, bullying, test anxiety, everyday stress, world events, visiting a doctor or dentist, divorce, death, birth, or moving; and proactive techniques like mindfulness, meditation, yoga, faith, and mindset.
School refusal is a serious behavioral problem: Without assertive management, it can become a pattern which is very difficult to alter.
Long-term effects without psychological support for acute challenges related to ECS are depression, anxiety disorders, self-harm, difficulties forming and sustaining health relationships, school refusal and decline in academic achievements.
It is one of the most common causes of prolonged school absence, and it is time to put to rest the notion that this represents either school phobia or school refusal.
Ruiz); (5) Coping behaviors in families of children with developmental disabilities in Albania (Erjona Dervishaliaj); (6) Imagined contact: A method to improve young adolescents' behavioural intentions towards a peer presented as having Asperger Syndrome (Eleni Fleva); (7) Burnout Syndrome among Brazilian lecturers in undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Psychology and Education (Cristina Py de Pinto Gomes Mairesse and Ana Paula Melchiors Stahlschmidt); (8) School refusal and perceived academic self-efficacy in a sample of Chilean adolescents (JosA[c] Manuel GarcA-a-FernA
School phobia is considered to be a subset or symptom of general school refusal behavior, which is defined as a general difficulty attending or remaining in school for an entire day and is observed in youths aged 5-17 years (Kearney, Cook, & Chapman, 2007).
This week we meet Jake, a 15-year-old boy from the inner city who is under pressure - trying to juggle a paper round, keep his pigeons and stick with school in a community where school refusal is common.
Studies show the peak age for school phobia, which is also known as school refusal, is between 11 and 13 years, and up to 2% of school-age children may be school refusers.
As noted by King & Bernstein (2001) "Terms such as separation anxiety and school phobia are often used interchangeably with school refusal .
After the July 2006 war with Israel, Dirani and many of her colleagues dealt with surprisingly few cases of post-traumatic stress disorder in children, but did observe an increase in separation anxiety and school refusal months after the war ended.

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