adv.1.Toward school.
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the broad avenues dotted with meandering clumps of dark children, reluctantly headed schoolward; the solitary, elderly churchwomen with their heavy-handled totes on their ways to tend the sick and shut-ins or the preschoolers of young working-class couples." You can hear the plain speech that Coleman employs to set down her scene and her stories.
Sheep followed schoolward finally, occasion deemed illegal.
Once through the makeshift wooden gatehouse through the City wall behind the Tower (a portal inhabited, according to the disapproving John Stowe, by 'persons of lewde life', like the entrance to the Bower of Bliss in the Second Book of The Faerie Queene) Spenser hurried schoolward, diminutive in the dawn that etched upon his vision wharves, sails (three-masters below London Bridge), steeples, church-towers castellated and campanulate, alleys and sudden water-gates, and the belfries of the 107 parish-churches, many of whose names, at once droll and circumstantial, he knew as well as he did their distinguishing chimes.
Lambkin followed Mary schoolward, countered legal ruling