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According to the company, it reduces PCB area requirements by up to 50 percent when compared to P-channel MOSFETs of a similar footprint, which, due to their inherent drain-source body diode, require a series-connected Schottky diode.
announced its model SC4509 step-up converter for white LED backlight applications with an integrated Schottky diode in a 2 mm X 2 mm X 0.
This Schottky diode is intended for use in power supplies designed for desktop PCs.
The LT3484's patented control technique allows it to use extremely small transformers, and the onboard NPN power switch requires no external Schottky diode clamp.
The inherently weak interactions between C60 and pentacene and the strong coupling of C60 with copper lead to a system reminiscent of a 2-molecule-thick Schottky diode, with a current rectification comparable with the best performers in the field of molecular diodes.