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 (sho͞o′bərt, -bĕrt′), Franz Peter 1797-1828.
Austrian composer who refined the form of the German art song in his more than 600 compositions for voice and piano. He also composed symphonies and chamber music.


(Biography) Franz (Peter) (frants). 1797–1828, Austrian composer; the originator and supreme exponent of the modern German lied. His many songs include the cycles Die Schöne Müllerin (1823) and Die Winterreise (1827). His other works include symphonies and much piano and chamber music including string quartets and the Trout piano quintet (1819)


(ˈʃu bərt, -bɛrt)

Franz, 1797–1828, Austrian composer.
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Noun1.Schubert - Austrian composer known for his compositions for voice and piano (1797-1828)Schubert - Austrian composer known for his compositions for voice and piano (1797-1828)
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After dinner she accompanied him in a series of songs by Schubert.
And he made immortal music; now in melodies as exquisite and varied as the songs of Schubert, and now in symphonies where the crudest of Philosophies of History melted into golden harmony.
Leighton Schubert, who previously said he wouldn't seek re-election this year, has decided to resign early to take a job at a local junior college.
Schubert has retired as president of the Surety & Fidelity Association of America (SFAA).
Donald Francis Tovey once wrote, I thought famously, that "Every work Schubert left us is an early work" (Essays in Musical Analysis I: Symphonies (i) [London: Oxford University Press, 1935], 203).
Contou-Carrere begins by introducing the minimal generalized galleries in the Tits building of a reductive group G over a field k, and constructing a family of equivariant smooth resolutions for its Schubert varieties, which may be described by these galleries in terms of Tits geometry.
BORUSSIA boss Andre Schubert says his wounded Monchengladbach monsters are ready to roar at Parkhead tonight.
No one lives anymore in the small two-bedroom house in Unalakleet where Gail Anagick Schubert and her eight siblings grew up.
Schubert's contemporaries cultivated the idea that Schubert was an intuitive composer with little intellectual acumen for handling large-scale instrumental forms and even less discrimination or care for the poetic quality of the texts he set to song--a legacy that has persisted to the present day, especially amongst Schubert lovers.
BHP Billiton Chairman, Jac Nasser, today announced that John Schubert will retire from the Board at the conclusion of the BHP Billiton Limited Annual General Meeting in November 2016.
Austrian Lukas Schubert was the playmaker in both incidents.
Cuando se escucha ese piano recorrer los mas variados registros del alma humana, entiende uno que solo un hombre como Schubert pudo emprender esa obra.