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 (shwôrts′kôpf, -kŏpf, shvärts′-), Dame Elisabeth 1915-2006.
German soprano. The foremost female interpreter of lieder of her time, she was also known for her performances in the operas of Strauss and Mozart.


(German ˈʃvartskɔpf)
1. (Biography) Elisabeth (eˈliːzabɛt). 1915–2006, Austro-British operatic soprano, born in Germany
2. (Biography) Norman, nicknamed Stormin' Norman. 1934–2012, US general. As head of Central Command, the US military district covering the Middle East, he became the victorious commander-in-chief of the US-led forces in the Gulf War (1991)


(ˈʃwɔrts kɔpf, -kɒpf, ˈʃwɑrts-)
Elisabeth, born 1915, German soprano, born in Poland.
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