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the subject of this public contract is the supply of instrumentation and medical equipment, Namely digital sciagraphy mobile for radiodiagnostic workplaces, Hospital cesk budejovice, As, In accordance with valid legal regulation, Especially act no.
Cathedrals cast long shadows, and even if readers are occasionally left in the dark, this comparatist exercise in sciagraphy has much to offer in no fewer than twenty-five essays, with even the unwonted pleasure of some colour plates by way of illustration Art history, and in particular stained glass, and music, though all too briefly, occupy the place to which they are fully entitled, enhancing a gratifying sense of purposeful interdisciplinarity.
The subject of the public contract is the delivery of one piece of a new complete x-ray apparatus for digital sciagraphy with three detectors, part of which is in addition to the instrument supply also: (a) an installation to be carried out in accordance with act no.