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AIMEN has defined a plan which involves a coherent set of specific objectives and relevant actions in order to accomplish the strategic objective, utilize the strengths, and elude the threats as follows: Establish strategic partnerships with experienced organizations in the scientifical and technological fields related to the Strategic Research Fields.
The authors thank to Ceara State Government Foundation for Scientifical and Technological Development (FUNCAP) and Brazilian Counsel for Scientifical and Technological Development (CNPq) for financial support.
Betonas su Kedainiu chemijos gamyklos sieros atliekomis [Sulphur concrete with sulphur waste of Kedainiai chemical factory], in Proceedings of the Republic Scientifical and Technical Conference "Achievement of Building Sciences and Application Their Results", Vilnius: VISI, 8-9.
our best hope for the future is that wisdom-the scientifical spirit, the reason may establish a dictatorship in man's mental life"--Freud;
development and scientifical fundamentation of new mentioned abordation from this paper;
Thermovision is the scientifical discipline which measures the temperature of objects without direct contact with the mentioned object (without mediating of other bodies) by using the equipment for thermovision.
2009), General principles of ergonomics with direct application in welding engineering, Scientifical Bulletin of the POLITEHNICA University of Timisoara, Transaction on Mechanics, tom 54(68), fasc.
Duh Anthem; Don Armando's Second Avenue Rhumba Band's "I'm an Indian Too," Harlem Disco Inclusiveness Anthem; Armand Van Helden's "Flowerz," Reformed Boyfriend House Anthem; DJ Mujava's "Township Funk," South African Scientifical Anthem (SASA); Richard Havens' "Going Back to My Roots," Kids & Parents High Five Anthem.
The scientifical approach of the system therapy is problem-solving based upon epistemology, biology and modern physics of non-linear dynamics.
36) All the manuscript documentation concerning this case is in the British Museum-Natural History Archives-'Welwitsch' (DF 404 26-50); Bernardino Antonio Gomes, As coleccoes da expedicao scientifica Africana ordenada pelo governo de Portugal em 1851 e o direito a ella perante os tribunais em Londres / The collections of the African scientifical (sic) expedition ordered by the Portuguese government in 1851 and the right of this government to them, before the English courts of justice (Lisbon: Imprensa Nacional, 1875).
It stipulated that the legislature should encourage "the promotion of intellectual, scientifical, and agricultural improvement.

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