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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The illegal exercise of dentistry, in addition to offering health and social risks to the population, disfurnishing it, mainly in technical, scientifical and humanistic qualities, corroborates to the deregulation of a service sector which aims to produce health and well-being--unreachable attributes with non-qualified professionals (25).
In Mr Allbones' Ferrets: An Historical Pastoral Satirical Scientifical Romance, with Mustelids (2007), New Zealand writer Fiona Farrell too uses biblical stories to reflect, in a satirical neo-Victorian novel, on the changes that the colonisation of New Zealand has entailed, both in human society and for the native flora and fauna.
Scientifical Americans: The Culture of Amateur Paranormal Researchers
of a similar body at the Centre comprising farmers, experts and agro-economists and fix suitable prices based on its scientifical recommendations, he added.
If we refer to the evolution of the modern handball game, we may assert that the classical training methods are already overdue; they have to be merged or even replaced by modern methods, based on a scientifical training, on the help of modern technics and on an innovatory thinking of the coaches that are directly involved in the training process of the Junior 1 teams.
The Technical and Scientifical Museum "[section]tefan Popovici " comprises more sections amongst which, of european importance is the one which contains musical instruments.
Afterwards, Nicolae Dinculeanu dedicated his scientifical research to Vector Measures and Vector Integration, becoming, as we already mentioned, one of the world leaders in the domain and being invited to many international congresses and by many famous universities for lectures.
This is not only to allow for good publicity but also to give time for the presenter to extensively read round the topic for effective discussion, to have a sound scientifical appraisal of the topic, and to sieve out its relevance in the domain of practice before the proposed date.
Horror films can be classified, from this viewpoint, into two major directions, Many productions are based on the existence of some acceptable scientifical and technological assumptions which, when further developed, lead to a certain intellectual terror derived from acknowledging the fact that technology could anytime produce a disaster nobody was able to anticipate and, therefore, control (The Cassandra Crossing, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, George Pan Cosmatos, 1976; The China Syndrome, United States, James Bridges, 1979).
The authors thank to Ceara State Government Foundation for Scientifical and Technological Development (FUNCAP) and Brazilian Counsel for Scientifical and Technological Development (CNPq) for financial support.

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