Scilly Islands

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Scil·ly Islands

 (sĭl′ē) or Isles of Scilly
An archipelago comprising more than 140 small islands and rocky islets off southwest England at the entrance to the English Channel west-southwest of Land's End. The islands were formerly a haven for pirates and smugglers.
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Noun1.Scilly Islands - an archipelago of small islands off the southwestern coast of England near the entrance to the English ChannelScilly Islands - an archipelago of small islands off the southwestern coast of England near the entrance to the English Channel; formerly a haven for smugglers and pirates
England - a division of the United Kingdom
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Our only hope lies in making the nearest land, which, unless I am mistaken, is the Scilly Islands, off the southwest coast of England.
To the west of Lands End, there is a TSS that requires a real decision as to whether you go south between it and the Scilly Islands, or go north for 30 miles to clear it.
After Liverpool and Holyhead, Minerva heads for Falmouth, the Scilly Islands and the Isle of Sark.
GREAT BAY, St Martin's, Isles of Scilly, pictured right SHORT on Kiss Me Quick hats and sickly sticks of rock but with charm to spare, Great Bay is the best beach in the Scilly Islands.
He says the areas selected for the cut in fuel tax, had consistently higher pump prices than places like the Scilly Islands which already get a discount, were more than 100 miles by road from a refinery, or had a population density lower than 135 people per square mile.
The Treasury have warned oil suppliers against profiteering from the 5p cut for the Inner and Outer Hebrides, Northern Isles and the Clyde and Scilly islands. Road Haulage Association Scotland director Phil Flanders said: "We are angry for the whole of Scotland, not just for the islands.
Ray Carroll, 33, from Salthill, Galway, crossed the Atlantic from New York to the Scilly islands in just 43 days, 21 hours, 26 minutes and 48 seconds - knocking 11 days off the 1896 record.
WHERE is the county of which the Scilly Islands are a part?