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Noun1.Scincella - a reptile genus of Scincidae
reptile genus - a genus of reptiles
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Por ejemplo, en Cnemidophorus ( = Aspidoscelis) sexlinetus, Cophosaurus texanus, Podarcis muralis, Scincella lateralis y Uma notata se encontro que perder la cola entorpece la locomocion y reduce la velocidad de escape (Ballinger et al.
Dial BE and Fitzpatrick LC (1984) Predator escape success in tailed versus tailless Scincella lateralis (Sauria: Scincidae).
We report new records for at least 5 species of reptiles (including Hem idac-tylus turcicus, Diadophus punctatus, Storeria dekayi, Scincella lateralis.
of 13 10 9 9 amphibian species Reptiles Anolis 1 0 0 0 carolinensis carolinensis Aspidoscelis 4 4 0 0 sexlineata viridis Carphophis vermis 1 2 0 0 Opheodrys aestivus 1 0 0 0 aestivus Plestiodon 3 1 0 2 fasciatus Sceloporus 4 1 1 0 consobrinus Scincella 0 1 1 1 lateralis Storeria dekayi 1 0 0 0 texana Total no.
SEVER (2007): <<Ultrastructural Examination of Spermiogenesis Within the Testis of the Ground Skink, Scincella laterale (Squamata, Sauria, Scincidae)>>, Journal of Morphology, vol.
These species make up the prey base for many small predatory species such as lizards of the genera Scincella (Slater 1949; Lewis 1951; Hamilton & Pollack 1961; Brooks 1964) and Plestiodon (formerly Eumeces) (Fitch 1954), shrews of the genus Blarina (Ritzi et al.
001), with salamanders and semi-aquatic snakes encountered with greater frequency than expected in the food plots, Rana and Eumeces in the forest plots, and Scincella lateralis and Storeria dekayi in the oil plots (Table 4).
Four lizard species were encountered, with Scincella lateralis representing 50% (15 of 30) of all lizard records.
opacum (marbled salamander) Northerly Siren intermedia (lesser siren) Northerly Hyla cinerea (green tree frog) Northerly Scaphiopus holbrookii (eastern spadefoot) Northerly Apalone spinifera pallida (pallid spiny softshell) * Northerly Pseudemys concinna (river cooter) ** Northerly Terrapene carolina (eastern box turtle) Northerly Scincella lateralis (ground skink) Northerly Lampropeltis calligaster (prairie kingsnake) Northerly L.
1990) investigated similar effects in the lizard Scincella lateralis with differences in sprint speed related to tail autotomy.
laticeps (Schneider), broad- C, S headed skink Scincella lateralis (Say), ground skink S Family Colubridae (common snakes) Carphophis amoenus (Say), worm snake S Cemophora coccinea (Blumenbach), scarlet S snake Coluber constrictor Linnaeus, black racer I Clonophis kirtlandii (Kennicott), N, C, SE Kirtland's snake Diadophis punctatus (Linnaeus), S northern ringneck snake Elaphe obsoleta (Say), black rat snake I E.
variabilis includes the five genera of anurans, Bufo, Gastrophryne, Hyla, Pseudacris, Rana, two genera of Caudata, Ambystoma, Notophthalmus; two genera of lizards, Scincella, Ophisaurus; three of snakes, Heterodon, Micrurus, Storeria; and one of tortoises, Terrapene (Baker 1987).