Scissors grinder

(Zool.) the European goatsucker.

See also: Scissors

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In the lecture, Sharp refers to 'good examples of old fiddlers in Somerset [...] especially [...] one who combined the occupation of musician and scissors grinder', adding that the fiddler's mother was also a musician and that the family had combined the occupations of fiddle-playing and scissors-grinding for 'four generations' (a reference that may be somewhat formulaic, even if true), and describes Henry Cave himself as a 'first-rate fiddler'.
One instance of an old fiddler which Mr Sharp mentioned was that of a scissors grinder who came quite close to Bath in his wanderings - for the country fiddler is a 'wandering minstrel' - and whom he described as a first rate fiddler.
On 12 March 1909, Georgia Pearce, editor of the Clarion Song Book (1906), wrote in Robert Blatchford's radical newspaper the Clarion (circulation c.80,000 in 1910): 'Near Mendip he [Sharp] collected some fine tunes from an old scissors grinder, who was also a fiddler.
Craddock held an inquest at the Winterfield Inn, Paulton, on Tuesday [31 December 1907], touching the death of Henry Cave,53, scissors grinder, of Evercreech, who was found in a ditch between Chilcompton and Midsomer Norton on the morning of Friday last.
In fact, he was thinking so hard that, before he knew it, he'd almost stumbled over an old scissors grinder who'd set up his grindstone and tools by the side of the road.
It was after his eldest son had been drowned out fishing that Johnny Pye met the scissors grinder again.
"Well,' said the scissors grinder, "and good afternoon to you, Johnny Pye.'
"I'll be interested to hear about that,' said the scissors grinder, "but we've got a little business, first.
"Well,' said the scissors grinder, "you've answered my question--at least as well as you could, which is all you can expect of a man.
"Why,' said the scissors grinder, rather testy, "I'm to let you go, you old fool!
"Well, of course,' said the scissors grinder, "naturally --I mean you could hardly expect me to do anything about that.'
"I'm afraid so,' said the scissors grinder. "I can't interfere with time, you know--that's not my department.