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a. & n.1.Same as Slavonian.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It was in shape something like the cloak of a modern hussar, having similar flaps for covering the arms, and was called a Sclaveyn, or Sclavonian. Coarse sandals, bound with thongs, on his bare feet; a broad and shadowy hat, with cockle-shells stitched on its brim, and a long staff shod with iron, to the upper end of which was attached a branch of palm, completed the palmer's attire.
"A few months later we could read in the papers the accounts of the bogus 'Emigration Agencies' among the Sclavonian peasantry in the more re- mote provinces of Austria.
Common people spoke Sclavonian and Polish, while the nobility spoke Greek, French and English.
The story's central character is Yanko Goorall, a "Sclavonian" peasant "mountaineer" from "the eastern range of the Carpathians" (147), who is washed ashore upon the Kentish coast of England, in an area not far from where Conrad himself, in 1898, took up residence.
In Esthonia, amongst the poor Sclavonian race of peasant slaves, they pay tributes to their lords, not under the name of duty work, duty geese, duty turkies, &c.