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Characterization of digestive enzymes in a carnivorous ornamental fish, the Asian bony tongue Scleropages formosus (Osteoglossidae).
Breeding technique of Malaysian golden arowana, Scleropages formosus in concrete tanks.
About ten years ago word reached Bangkok that Scleropages occurs in the Myanmar part of the Malay Peninsula.
Scleropages Gunther, 1864: 196 (type species Scleropages leichardti Gunther 1864, type locality Burdekin River, Queensland, Australia, by mono-typy and original designation.
2006) and Scleropages formosus (Asian arowana) (Chansue, 2006), providing an experimental model for large pelagic species.
macropomum son mas resistentes a la hemolisis que los de otros peces, tales como Neoceratodus fosteri y Scleropages schneichardti [8].
Osteologie des genres Hiodon, Eohiodon, Lycoptera, Osteoglossum, Scleropages, Heterotis et Arapaima.
It is related to the other two Australian arowana in the genus Scleropages and is the only representative of this species in Southeast Asia [7].
Teugels 2003 The Different Colour Varieties of the Asian Arowana Scleropages formosus (Osteoglossidae) are Distinct Species: Morphological and Genetic Evidences.
The peat swamp forest and lakes have been home to 212 species of fish, including 2 globally threatened species (IUCN status), Balantiocheilos melanopterus (ketutung) and Scleropages formosus (Asian arowana), the latter listed in CITES Appendix 1 (Kottelat and Widjanarti 2005; Jeanes and Meijaard 2000); 26 reptiles, including 11 species globally threatened, 6 species listed in CITES Appendix II, 7 species nationally protected, and 1 species endemic to Borneo (Jeanes and Meijaard 2000); 282 birds, including 31 confirmed globally threatened, 36 CITES-listed species, 72 nationally protected bird species, and 5 confirmed Borneo endemics (Jeanes and Meijaard (2000).
The DSNP fish fauna includes two highly popular aquarium fish: the rare and valuable red variety of the endangered Asian Arowana Scleropages formosus or siluk (listed on Appendix I of CITES), and the Clown Loach Botia macracanthus or ulanguli.
NNEX 1 SYSTEMATIC LIST OF FISH SPECIES: DANAU SENTARUM NATIONAL PARK AND NEAR-CATCHMENT SURROUNDS ORDER/ Local FAMILY/ Name Species (j) (Language) (ii) RAJI- FORMES DASYATIDAE Himantura signifer Pari OSTEO- GLOSSI- FORMES- OSTEOGLOSSIDAE Scleropages formosus (Arowana) Siluk, Kayangan NOTO- PTERIDAE Chitala lopis Belida, Belida tabuan Notopterus notopterus Belida labuan, Kapirat Notopterus borneensis Belida Kalimantan CLUPEI- FORMES CLUPEIDAE Clupeich-thys bleekeri Bilis Corica soborna ENGRAU- LIDIDAE Lycothrissa crocodilus Silauari Setipina cf.