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A plant having hard leaves stiffened by woody tissue, with a relatively short distance between leaf nodes. Sclerophylls are generally found in warm dry climates or in phosphorus-poor soils and include many species of eucalyptus and evergreen oak.

scle·roph′yl·lous (sklə-rŏf′ə-ləs) adj.
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(Plants) a woody plant with small leathery evergreen leaves that is the dominant plant form in certain hot dry areas, esp the Mediterranean region
[C20: from Greek sklēros hard + phullon a leaf]
sclerophyllous adj
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areas with natural pastures and grasslands, areas with sclerophyll vegetation, etc.), and if it can always be considered an advantage especially from an ecosystem diversity point of view.
The reserve supports a dry sclerophyll forest dominated by Yellow Box Eucalyptus melliodora, Red Box E.
Crockford H, Topalidis S, Richardson DP (1991) Water repellency in a dry sclerophyll eucalypt forest--measurements and processes.
(1997), in this environment, there could have occurred convergence in the habit, in leaf features and in leaf imbrication among evergreen sclerophyll life forms belonging to several families, including both eudicotyledons and monocotyledons.
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Steve Sheridan is a potter living in the Sclerophyll bush of the Blue Mountains outside Sydney.
In the youngest coals, the Yallourn measures, the drying climate of the Middle Miocene optimum is indicated by increased charcoal from forest fires and fossils of sclerophyll vegetation (Holdgate et al., 2007).
Broad native vegetation formations include wet sclerophyll forest interspersed with sub-tropical rainforest in gullies and dry rainforest at lower altitudes and on steeper, drier slopes (Lennon, 2012: 3).
Tree hollow development in wet and dry sclerophyll eucalypt forest in southeast Queensland, Australia.--Aust.
Sclerophyll communities consisted of grasslands with fire tolerant trees such as eucalypts.