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A plant having hard leaves stiffened by woody tissue, with a relatively short distance between leaf nodes. Sclerophylls are generally found in warm dry climates or in phosphorus-poor soils and include many species of eucalyptus and evergreen oak.

scle·roph′yl·lous (sklə-rŏf′ə-ləs) adj.
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(Plants) a woody plant with small leathery evergreen leaves that is the dominant plant form in certain hot dry areas, esp the Mediterranean region
[C20: from Greek sklēros hard + phullon a leaf]
sclerophyllous adj
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The sclerophyllous evergreen broad-leaved forest in China.
It is estimated that the overall number of galling species ranges from 21,000 to 211,000, with the greatest diversity occurring in warm regions and associated with sclerophyllous vegetation (Lara and Fernandes, 1996).
Areas with dense forests, dominated by sclerophyllous tree species had a larger impact on the risk quantification.
Seasonal variation and ditribution at different soil depth of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi spore in a tropical sclerophyllous shrubland.
coccifera is the prevailing species in the evergreen sclerophyllous shrublands, which are an important part of Mediterranean rangelands.
All these mesoregions encompass the Cadeia do Espinhaco, which presents vegetation types of rocky fields with herbaceous shrubs and trees, sclerophyllous and evergreen vegetation and many springs.
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Effect of dust from a limestone quarry on the photosynthesis of Quercus coccifera and evergreen sclerophyllous shrub.
The distribution and extent of dry sclerophyllous forests are patchy throughout the entire western region, where they occur on rock pavements with thin soils.