v. i.1.To go to school; to study.
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The report was discussed today at a panel event with leaders from across the industry, including British Airways' Chairman and CEO, Alex Cruz, Alison Fitzgerald, Chief Operating Officer, London City Airport; Anab Jain, Director & Co-founder, Superflux (futurists); Dupsy Abiola, Head of Global Innovation, IAG and Ian Scoley, Vice President, Safran Cabin Innovation & Design Studio, California.
G Scoley M, P, MUS; J Sealey B, PE; L Sharman T*, PE*, M*; J Shaw EL, BUS; P Singh H*, S, PY*, E; S Singh PY, RS; P Sinha M*, MF, C, CS; J Stacey-Galley PH, M, CS; J Stollery M, BUS, CS; T Swallow C, MF, B*; M Tattersley PY, RS, E; K Taylor RS, G, H*, E; Z Tehseen EL*, PY*, S, B; M Thornton PH, M*, MF; G Turner PH, C, M, MUS.
Singles - Evans beat Butler 3&2; Povall beat Day 2&1; Hayward lost to Longdon 4&2; Wjitty lost to Lake 4&2; Randell lost to Hale 3&2; J Davidson beat Scoley one hole; Vickery beat Riddell 3&2; Skinner beat Carter 2&1; Barber beat Clink 4&3; Bennett beat Cuss 5&4.Singles Result: Gwent 7 Glos 3.Match Result: Gwent 11 Glos 4.
With Nick Scoley and Julie Ross playing excellent golf from a plus one handicap the whole team has responded to Mark Watkin's coaching, Colin Biott's team management and Nick Brooker's captaincy."
Peter Scoley, membership secretary of Friends of Metheringham Airfield, said: "I am sure those who knew Norman will have him in their thoughts.
D Rice 9 (10), E Richards 12 (12), A Robertson 12 (12), T Robins 12 (12), O Robinson 11 (11), C Royle 12 (12), H Rushforth 10 (10), S Rushworth 12 (12), D Russell 12 (12), M Salter 13 (13), M Schofield 11 (11), G Scoley 8 (9), S Shah 12 (12), J Shaw 8 (9), R Simnett 13 (13), S Singh, 10 (10), A Smith 11 (11), M Squire 12 (12), J Stacey-Galley 10 (10), J Stollery 11 (11), T Swallow 12 (12), E Swift 11 (11), K Taylor 12 (12).