Scolymus hispanicus

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Noun1.Scolymus hispanicus - a golden thistle of southwestern Europe cultivated for its edible sweet roots and edible leaves and stalks; its yellow flowers are used as a substitute for saffron
golden thistle - any of several spiny Mediterranean herbs of the genus Scolymus having yellow flower heads
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Scolymus hispanicus Assnan Brassicaceae Farsetia hamiltonii Zaazaa Moricandia suffruticosa awlgaz Zilla spinosa Pois chiche sauvage-Boukhelala subsp.castata Buxaceae Buxus balearica Lam.
This assumption was verified by testing the effect of Mediterranean plant extracts (Crepis vesicaria L, Origanum heracleoticum, Scandix australis L, Amaranthus sp., Scolymus hispanicus L, and Thymus piperella L) on oxidative DNA damage induced in lymphocytes by [H.sub.2][O.sub.2] in relation to their polyphenolic content using comet assay [93].