Scomber japonicus

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Noun1.Scomber japonicus - small mackerel found nearly worldwideScomber japonicus - small mackerel found nearly worldwide
mackerel - any of various fishes of the family Scombridae
genus Scomber, Scomber - type genus of the Scombridae
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Evolutionary relatedness of mackerels of the genus Scomber based on complete mitochondrial genomes: Strong support to the recognition of Atlantic Scomber colias and Pacific Scomber japonicus as distinct species.
Certified oils originate mostly from approved Peruvian anchovy fisheries and fleet -- Engraulis ringens -- (29 per cent), Antarctic krill -- Euphausia superba -- (22 per cent), European sardine -- Sardina pilchardus (eight per cent), European anchovy -- Engraulis encrasicolus -- (seven per cent), Chub mackerel -- Scomber japonicus (seven per cent), Atlantic cod -- Gadus morhua -- (three per cent).
Estimation and temporal variability in size at gonad maturity of Chub Mackerel (Scomber japonicus peruanus) in the Peruvian littoral
[20.] Amponsah SKK, Patrick DO, Nunoo FKE (2016) Fishing regime, growth, mortality and exploitation status of Scomber japonicus from catches landed along the eastern coastline of Ghana.
Taxon Catalog FL HL HL/FL Acanthocybiuim solandri 58300-1 282 Allothunnus fallai Fitch & Craig 722 187 25.90 Auxis rochei 6707-1 376 93 24.73 Auxis thazard 6711-8 378 103 27.25 Euthynnus affinis 6711-12 200 58.5 29.25 Euthynnus lineatus 52024-14 385 115 29.87 Katsuwonus pelamis 48925-1 488 138 28.28 Sarda chiliensis 32031-1 410 109 26.59 Scomber japonicus 44756-4 209 55.5 26.56 Scomberomorus concolor 22582 550 114 20.73 S.
scomberi in the somatic muscles of Scomber japonicus in Japan, forming plasmodia seen as minute white cysts, having spores longer (6.4) and thicker (8.1) than our specimens and larger drop-like polar capsules (Li et al.
Bunch.), bidbid, bonito, buan-buan, buguing, bungayngay, buteteng saguing (Spheroides lunaris, Bleck et Schn.), butete (Tetraodontidae), cabasi, corvina, dangat, dorado, espada, guno, garropa o mero, hasa-hasa (Scomber japonicus, Houttuyn), iso, kabayo-kabayohan (Gasterotakeus), kalaso, kanduli, kapalo, kitang, lapo-lapo (Epinephelus merra, Bloch), lawin, lenguado o dapa, mamali, martinico, maya-maya, moong, mumul, molmol, mulmul, pagui, pating, rodaballo, sakutin, samaral, saramollette, siliw, suwagan, sumbilang, sunog, talakitok o caballa del pais (Carangidae), talakitok o caballa (Caranx sexfasciatus, Quoy et Gaimard), talang-talang, tangingue, and tulisan.
Risk factors for human Anisakis infection and association between the geographic origins of Scomber japonicus and anisakid nematodes.
Partial replacement of NaCl by KCl in salted mackerel (Scomber japonicus) fillet products: effect on sensory acceptance and lipid oxidation.
Levels of some heavy metals in water and tissues of chub mackerel (Scomber japonicus) compared with physico-chemical parameters seasons and size of the fish.