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An alternate way of tuning a stringed instrument that varies from standard tuning.

[Italian, from scordato, out of tune, from past participle of scordare, to put out of tune : s-, privative prefix (from Latin ex-; see ex-) + (ac)cordare, to bring into agreement, tune (an instrument) (from Medieval Latin accordāre, to bring into agreement ; see accord, the musical sense in Italian perhaps being influenced by Italian corda, cord, string of a musical instrument, and its source, Latin chorda).]
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(Classical Music) music a departure from normal tuning in a piece of music
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The many violin solos, not least the scordatura fiddle of the scherzo, were eloquently delivered by Eugene Tzikindelean, another guest concertmaster.
In his piece for piano quartet with scordatura (alternate tunings of the string instruments), Thomas Wally used a compositional method of similar freedom.
The leader of the orchestra, David Greed, toggled between this scordatura instrument and his conventionally tuned violin and made a brilliant contribution to the performance .
Be sure that the Fifth Suite is notated in "normal" tuning, rather than scordatura notation, which has the cello's top a' string tuned down to g' for a deeper tone.
(4) A substantially complete Aria for Violin (with scordatura) and basso continuo of the composer "R.
The unanimous detuning (scordatura) may also be unprecedented.
We shall now turn to the first person twentieth-century diegesis entitled "Le Carnet Scordatura." (4) This is written as a series of diary entries in which Nada, the North American writer, recounts her present and past, and also reflects on her writing of the story of Barbe.
Johann Heinrich Schmelzer: Unarum Fidium (contains Schmelzer, Sonatae Unarum Fidium; Bertali, Chiacona a violino solo; Anonymous, Sonata for scordatura violin and basso continuo) John Holloway, violin/Aloysia Asenbaum, organ/Lars Ulrik Mortensen, harpsichord and organ (ECM New Series 1668 289 465 066-2)
As its title suggests, this piece exists in two separate versions, one for viola da gamba, the other a slightly altered version for scordatura violin: both are printed in this edition.
In Laudate pueri (Psalm 112), the virtuoso singer is accompanied by two scordatura violins, viola da gamba (or trombone or violoncello), and continuo.