Scoresby Sound

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Scores·by Sound

An arm of the Norwegian Sea indenting eastern Greenland. It has numerous fjords branching generally westward toward the icecap.
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(Shutterstock) 4 / 5 Ittoqqortoormiit, at the entrance to the Scoresby Sound fjords in eastern Greenland.
Williams and her colleagues studied the narwhals in Scoresby Sound on the east coast of Greenland.
The samples have been collected during research activities in Scoresby Sound (Ittoqqortoormiit) in East Greenland (1999 to present) and Thule in West Greenland (2009-11).
All polar bear samples were collected from January through September by local subsistence hunters in the Scoresby Sound area in central East Greenland (69[degrees]00'N to 74[degrees]00'N) during 1999-2002.