Volcanic cone

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a hill, conical in form, built up of cinders, tufa, or lava, during volcanic eruptions.

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3) with slightly observable periclinal stratification as a remnant of superficial facies of a scoria cone produced by a Strombolian eruption (e.
The scoria cone "La Laguna" on the eastern part of the summit was not the source of the 1723 eruption because the second expedition (March 3, 1723) did not mention anything about an active pyroclastic cone (Fig.
In contrast with rather weathered scoriae of Cerro La Culebra and Loma La Culebra, both covered by vegetation, the scoria cone Cerro Ostua shows low degree of weathering and scarce vegetation (Fig.
Covering some 180,000 square km, they contain tuff rings, lava domes, lava flows, scoria cones and more.
The variation in composition of the Pleistocene rocks is similar to the recent Cosiguina, ranging from basaltic andesites to andesites, except for the very primitive Cerros los Chacos scoria cones.
Nevertheless, the regressions obtained indicate only a moderate correlation; the geochemistry is considered to be just one of several factors that control the final shape of scoria cones.