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n.1.(Zool.) A marine food fish of the genus Scorpæna, as the European hogfish (S. scrofa), and the California species (S. guttata).
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The Indian Navy's latest Scorpene submarine was detected, tracked and forced out of our waters by PN aircraft while the forbidding presence of PN offensive elements, kept the Indian Navy Ships fearful and on the defensive.
Additionally, Chakra-II (the Russian Akula class nuclear submarine) and Kalvari (the French Scorpene class submarine) were also tasked to hunt for Saad, maintains the Indian media.
The Indian Navy is going to induct all the six Scorpene boats in the next three to four years and has already issued a new tender Project 75-India for buying six new submarines with foreign collaboration under the strategic partnership policy.
On scene videos and pictures, shown on the media on 4/5 March 2019, confirmed the presence of the Indian latest Scorpene class submarine, Kalvari.
As sequel of Pakistan's response and India's embarrassment in losing two fighter jets and apprehension of a pilot, the Indian Navy's offensive venture in Pakistani waters also suffered pitiful consequence when its highly equipped Scorpene submarine got detected via Pakistan Navy surveillance efforts nothing could be more excruciating amid war patrol for a potent naval platform more so a submarine.
The submarines being built by the Brazilian Navy in partnership with France's defense company Naval Group, formerly known as DCNS, are a modified version of the Scorpene class diesel-powered submarine.
Meanwhile, when asked about MACC reopening investigations into the Malaysia's purchase of two Scorpene submarines in 2002, Dr Mahathir said he was not aware of it.
The exhibition will also unveil India's capabilities in manufacturing the Scorpene class submarine.
He thanked France for its help and collaboration in developing the Scorpene submarines, which encompass superior stealth and combat capabilities.
India's weapon-mania - it has recently inducted a Scorpene class French submarine to its naval fleet - may be explained away as an indicator of its ambition to emerge as a leading power in South-east Asia and the Indian Ocean as well as a counterweight to China.
Verma, who is infamous for being a suspect in Scorpene submarines deal, Agusta Westland scam and Navy War Room Leak case, spoke extensively about the controversy surrounding Varun Gandhi and corruption in the defence.