Scorpion's tail

(Bot.) any plant of the leguminous genus Scorpiurus, herbs with a circinately coiled pod; - also called caterpillar.

See also: Scorpion

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php) Society for Experimental Biology described the robot as clamping onto a scorpion's tail and using electrical stimulation to get it to release venom that can be safely collected.
But it was mostly because of what lay high overhead: the glitteringly rich sky harboring the Sagittarius Teapot, the Scorpion's Tail, and our galaxy's core.
Those living further south toward the equator get to see all of Scorpius, complete with a scorpion's tail.
This is an issue that loops all the way back, like a scorpion's tail, to the presidency.
Pazuzu has the body of a man, the head of a lion, talons of an eagle, two pairs of wings and a scorpion's tail.
A plot of oil prices over time resembles the curve of a scorpion's tail.
The first book Hamid reviews is The Scorpion's Tail, by ZahidHussain, which examines the rise of militants in Pakistan and highlights policy missteps by both Pakistan and the U.
The ending offers a satisfactory sting in the scorpion's tail which is very a satisfying answer to all the issues I have mentioned.
THE torrent of abuse, the relentless insults and the scowling facial expressions all whipped up like a scorpion's tail towards the directors' box from the furious fans below.
Where the scorpion's tail starts to bend is another pair of stars known as ([zeta]) Zeta Scorpii.
The long string forms the scorpion's tail, which curls up at the end.