Scotch and soda

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Noun1.Scotch and soda - a highball with Scotch malt whiskey and club soda
highball - a mixed drink made of alcoholic liquor mixed with water or a carbonated beverage and served in a tall glass
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Such a place was the Grotto, where Brissenden and he lounged in capacious leather chairs and drank Scotch and soda.
They talked about many things, and now Brissenden and now Martin took turn in ordering Scotch and soda. Martin, who was extremely strong-headed, marvelled at the other's capacity for liquor, and ever and anon broke off to marvel at the other's conversation.
"I'll go you," Martin answered, attempting to pay for the current Scotch and soda with the last change from his two dollars and seeing the waiter bullied by Brissenden into putting that change back on the table.
They drank--that is, Nathaniel Letton took mineral water served by the smoothly operating machine of a lackey who inhabited the place, while Dowsett took Scotch and soda and Daylight a cocktail.
Top retailers participating in Friday Super Sale are Ted Baker, Scotch and Soda, Diesel, Mango, OLD NAVY, Sacoor, Bebe and the Alshaya Group.
"Seamore's opening under pins the incredible transformation of Water Street into one of New York City's premier retail and cultural corridors, anchored by great tenants like The Wing, Modern Chemist, Scotch and Soda, Jacques Torres and our great neighbors such as Empire Stores and Brooklyn Historical Society."
This year, two new entrants include Desigual and Scotch and Soda.
The Princeton Review also identified a few schools more aligned with the ideals of "( Scotch and Soda, Hold the Scotch ." Among them are Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah; College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, Missouri; and Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois.