Scots Gaelic

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Scots Gael·ic

 (găl′ĭk, gā′lĭk)

Scot′tish Gael′ic

or Scots Gaelic

a Celtic language, closely related to Irish, spoken in the Hebrides and the Highlands of Scotland.
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Noun1.Scots Gaelic - the Gaelic of Scotland
Erse, Gaelic, Goidelic - any of several related languages of the Celts in Ireland and Scotland
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Gaidhlig Dumgal is for anyone in Dumfries and Galloway interested in learning and promoting Scots Gaelic.
It's here he meets Scots Gaelic singer Christine Primrose and members of the Peatbog Faeries who prove the tradition is alive and well on the Isle of Skye.
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Contract Notice: The output MG ALBA and Brd na Gidhlig seek is knowledge of the relationship between different types and levels of professionally produced content and1)formal learning among acquirers of Scots Gaelic, including:- children of pre-school age,- pupils in Gaelic Medium Education,and- pupils in Gaelic Learner Education.
The web firm added Scots Gaelic as well as 12 other languages to the 103 available for translation.
Given an aggressive, front-running ride by Catherine Walton, the 13-year-old galloped his three rivals into submission and cruised home 20 lengths of Scots Gaelic in the best time of the day.
Only three turned out for the Dodson and Horrell PPORA Club Members race for novice riders and much of the running was made by Scots Gaelic and Fionn McSharry.
The Grand National-winning jockey was unseated from Scots Gaelic in a two-mile handicap hurdle and kicked in the stomach by another horse.
The Grand National-winning jockey (Ballabriggs 2011) rode the John Quinn-trained Scots Gaelic in a two-mile handicap hurdle when he was unseated at the second flight and kicked in the stomach by another horse.
Ealanta - Scots Gaelic for "skilled and ingenious" - is fully matured in virgin American white oak casks for 19 years.
Last year's third Scots Gaelic went on to be fourth in the Galway event, and the 2010 second Admiral Barry took that season's renewal, with 2008 winner Bahrain Storm landing the following year's Guinness Galway Hurdle.
The Scots Gaelic version of the series was called Donnie Murdo, two names unconnected with mice or danger.