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(95) It is not immediately clear why Bellenden has chosen to translate Livy's 'sagmina' (that is, the bundle of grass carried by the feciales representing their diplomatic immunity) as 'verbane', a Scotticised version of verbena (a branch used for religious and medicinal purposes).96 The gloss which appears beside this passage in the BL MS, however, is illuminating: 'Verbene was ane herbe fiat grew nocht bot in allowit places.
In some instances we may be looking at Scotticised versions of words that have a Gaelic, Old English or Old Norse origin.
Scott had indeed gone much further and had 'Scotticised European literature', interesting the world in this 'little land'.
A word found in a Scotticised loan text (from England, in this case) is a quite different proposition from a loan word (e.g.