Scottish Gaelic

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Scottish Gael·ic

 (găl′ĭk, gā′lĭk)
The Goidelic language of Scotland. Also called Scots Gaelic.

Scottish Gaelic

(Languages) the Goidelic language of the Celts of Scotland, spoken in the Highlands and Western Isles

Scot′tish Gael′ic

or Scots Gaelic

a Celtic language, closely related to Irish, spoken in the Hebrides and the Highlands of Scotland.
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Noun1.Scottish Gaelic - the Gaelic of Scotland
Erse, Gaelic, Goidelic - any of several related languages of the Celts in Ireland and Scotland
skotská gaelština
gaélique écossais
gaélico escocês
skotsk gäliska
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Valuable work on registers of Scottish Gaelic outlines the continued, although increasingly rare, existence of a number of high registers of the language (Lamb 1999: 142-43; Lamb 2008).
Tense marking in Scottish Gaelic can appear either directly on the verb without auxiliaries, or on the auxiliary tha 'to be' (Ramchand 1997: 22).
Translating our website into both Scottish Gaelic and Welsh was therefore a natural decision for us.
After its publication, however, he gathered an important collection of Scottish Gaelic manuscripts and caused a number of orally transmitted Gaelic poems to be transcribed.
NO Gaelic this week, but don't miss the chance to nominate for the Scottish Gaelic Awards sponsored by the Daily Record.
Those who have visited Wales are extremely envious that so many of us can still speak our native tongue and lament the loss of Scottish Gaelic everywhere other than for nearly 60,000 in the north western isles (according to the 2001 UK Census).
Another avenue of approach would be to consider possible antecedents in Scottish Gaelic or at least adstratal effects from that source.
Efforts to eliminate Scottish Gaelic, not to mention the Highland culture whose citizens spoke it, began--more than likely--in the last decade of the 16th century.
Irish and Scottish Gaelic language booklets have already been produced, and Irish has just been recognised as an official EU langauge.
Gregory Smith was an important influence on the movement, as was the quarterly Saltire Review, published by the Saltire Society (1936-60) to stimulate research and writing in Scottish Gaelic.
Kirsty is among the nominees for the fifth Scottish Gaelic Awards, staged by the Daily Record and sponsors Bord na Gaidhlig.
279; to the third edition (2006) of Temes's Phonemic analysis of Scottish Gaelic on p.

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