Scottish Highlander

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Noun1.Scottish Highlander - a native of the Highlands of ScotlandScottish Highlander - a native of the Highlands of Scotland
Scot, Scotchman, Scotsman - a native or inhabitant of Scotland
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A vote to leave would mean that Stewart, recently elected to Parliament from a district in Northern England, and his father, Brian, a proud Scottish Highlander who has spent his career working for the British Empire, would live in different nations.
It's then that she falls in love with Scottish highlander Jamie (Heughan), despite being married to Frank (Menzies) in the future.
CB Caledonian Canal Best for: Luxury The mist-tipped hills and glens of Scotland are full of romance, and the Scottish Highlander floating hotel mines this with tartan, fine Scottish food and single malts.
For the record he was successful on Scottish Highlander, Stormhill Recruit, Native Rambler and Neverbrook Lad.
In 1964, as soon as he turned 16, Crowe joined the militia in Pembroke, Ontario as a Lanark Renfrew Scottish Highlander.
European Waterways European Waterways is offering $2,000 off per cabin on the July 17 cruise by the eight-passenger Scottish Highlander luxury hotel barge when booked by June 30.
Others fighting on the night are European middleweight champion Robbie "the Body" Dynamite, the masked Superstar El Destello, Dean 2 Extreme, Tornado Tim Wylie, Rocky Savage, and the 24-stone Scottish Highlander Drew Macdonald.
The first of the book may be confusing to readers, as the end of Outlander left Claire with Scottish Highlander Jamie Fraser in the 1740s, yet the beginning of this book finds Claire in Scotland in 1968, where she has returned with her daughter Brianna, intending to tell Brianna who her true biological father is.
Annie chartered the barge, Scottish Highlander, complete with crew and top chef, for a week-long trip from Inverness to Fort William.

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