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 (mä′kər, mā′-)
n. Chiefly Scots
A poet.

[Middle English, variant of maker, maker, poet.]


(Poetry) Scot a creative artist, esp a poet
[a Scot variant of maker]
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Adapted for the stage by awardwinning writer Tanika Gupta, it brings poet, novelist and Scottish Makar Jackie Kay's beautiful soulsearching memoir of the same name to life.
The Scottish Makar (Scotland's poet laureate) Jackie Kay will recite a poem which was specifically commissioned for the day.
Scottish Makar Jackie Kay She wasn't to know that one of the kids would go on to write a powerful family memoir that she would help bring to life years in the future.
Newcastle University, itself home to multiple award-winning contemporary poets, including Scottish Makar Jackie Kay, Jacob Polley, W.
The honour of the Lasses' Reply fell to poet Anne Murray who reminded the company that women nowadays were more than prominent in the world of verse, notably the Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy and the Scottish Makar Jackie Kay.
Logan died following a short illness in 2010, six months before Lochhead was invited to take on the role of Scottish makar - a position similar to laureate.
The Edinburgh Companion to Li% Tochhead, edited by Anne Varty, comprises eclectic critical, scholarly and practitioners' approaches to the work of the Scottish Makar and it is precisely this eclecticism that enables Lochhead's work across different media to be seen and revaluated in a wholesome manner, taking into consideration Lochhead's own views and frustrations with misreadings of her writing, and thus it is well placed to offer a worthy contribution to the ongoing recontextualisation of Lochhead's work.
He has no entries for episode (much in use in discussing ancient drama, but also in Beowulf criticism -- episodic is in Baldick's book), maker (or, better, Scottish makar), marginalia, narratage, pamphlet and pamphleteer, rapportage, saint's life or vita, and word-play (there are entries for paronomasia and pun).
Meanwhile, in association with the National Theatre of Scotland, the EIF will also host the stage adaptation of Scottish Makar Jackie Kay's memoir Red Dust Road (August 14 to 18, Royal Lyceum), the story of her youth as an adopted mixed-race girl in 1970s Glasgow and her search for her biological parents in Nigeria.
They were welcomed in an address by Scottish makar Jackie Kay, who read three poems.
For full details of the festival go to CROSSINGS: Newcastle Poetry Festival The charismatic Scottish Makar (or Laureate) Jackie Kay launched the festival with a reading at the Mining Institute but it takes place from May 2-3.

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